Students supervised

  • 2017
    • Adib Muhtasim, Syeda Ramisa Fariha, Nabila Islam, Rayhan Rashid, “Secure Data Transaction and Data Analysis of IOT Devices Using Blockchain,” December 2017
    • Ashiq Rahman, “Nonperturbative Phenomena in Field Theory and Gravity, and use of Borel Summation to Capture Nonperturbative Information” December 2017
    • Reefat, “The AdS-CFT correspondence and the black hole information paradox,” March 2018
    • Tareq Ahmed, “Information transmission through a quantum information channel,” December 2018
    • Pranjal Chakraborty, Rashad Al Hasan Rony, Ummay Sani Pria, “Predicting Stock Market Movement using Sentiment Analysis of Twitter Feed,” April 2018.
    • Paresha Farastu, Rafiduzzaman Sonnet, Saddat Hasan, Sandipon Paul Analysis of quantum algorithms,” August 2017
    • Nishat Shama, “A Machine Learning Approach to Predict Crime Using Time and Location Data,” April 2018
    • Tasnim Dewan Orin, “Golpo: implementation of a Bangla chatbot” April 2018
  • 2016
    • Nahid Hasan Himel, Araf Iftekhar
, “IT Infrastructure for Economic Zone,” December 2016.
    • Ipshita Bonhi Upoma, “Supersymmetric Gauge Theories as an Application of Group Theory in High Energy Physics and Starobinsky Cosmological Inflation,” April 2016.
    • Noshin Nawar Sadat, “Implementation of Time Series Approaches to Financial Data,” August 2016
  • Previous Years
    • Mishkat Al Alvi, Avik Roy, Moinul Hossain Rahat, “A quantum information theoretic analysis of the black hole information paradox in formulating a nonlocal model for information transfer,” February 2013
    • Raza Sabbir Sufian, “One-Loop Effective Action in M(atrix) Theory,” July 2010