CSE 230: Discrete Mathematics

Discrete mathematics is one of the prettiest and most useful applications of mathematics.  This course has three components: probability, combinatorics and graph theory.  Proof strategies and set theory will also be briefly discussed.  This is a very fun course.


Anybody who does the homework, and comes to class very regularly, should get a very good grade.  The marking scheme is:

  • Attendance & Participation: 5%,
  • Homework: 15%,
  • Projects: 10%
  • Quizzes: 15%
  • Midterm 20%,
  • Final 35%.

The most important part of this course is homework and attendance.  The quizzes will come from the homework problems.  Anybody who does the homework, will be able to obtain full marks on the quizzes and do very well on the exams.  Without a good a teacher this can be a challenging course.  Therefore, you need to attend EVERY lecture.  I will be very unhappy with students with students who miss lectures.  I will be very happy with students who attend all the lectures and are not late.

Class structure

A weekly problem set will be assigned.  You are expected to hand in the homework within one week.  The homework will not be graded, but will be marked as pass/fail.

The textbook for the probability part of the course is:

This is an excellent book. We will cover about 3 chapters of this book.

I haven’t decided on the probability and graph theory book yet.  However, we will most likely use the book by Allenby and Slomson. The first edition of this book is:

I will post a link of the second edition as soon as I can.

There are lots of other wonderful books on graph theory and combinatorics

  • Hariss’ book on Graph Theory and Combinatorics
  • Koh’s book on Combinatorics
  • Tito Andreescu’s book, An Undergraduate Path in Combinatorics
  • The Combinatorics and Graph Theory books by Marcus.

Some very useful lectures online are:

Tom Leighton founded Akamai Networks.

A wonderful popular science introduction to some of the topics covered is

This should be the first book you read before coming to class.

Discrete Maths: Spring 2019

BRACU ClassDateTimeRoom
CSE 230: Discrete MathematicsSu, Tu3:30 - 4:50UB30101


Summer 2018: Problem Set 2 is due on the Midterm Exam day.


  1. Project 1: Data analysis with Python
  2. Project 2: Naive Bayes Classifier using Python


  1. Module 1:  Probability
    1. Reading: Chapter 1, Durrett
    2. Homework: Odd problems, Durrett Chapter 1
  2. Module 2: Combinatorics
    1. Reading: Chapter 2, Durrett
    2. Homework: Odd problems Durrett, Chapter 2.
  3. Module 3: Bayesian Ideas
    1. Reading: Chapter 3: Durrett
    2. Homework: Odd problems Durrett, Chapter 3
  4. Module 4: Markov Chains
    1. Reading: Chapter 4: Durrett
    2. Homework: Odd problems Durrett, Chapter 4
  5. Module 5: Logic
    1. Reading: Slides
    2. Homework: Problem Set 5
  6. Module 6: Recurrences
    1. Reading: Slides
    2. Homework: Problem Set 6
  7. Module 7: Statistics, z values, p values, etc.
    1. Reading: Durrett Chapter 6
    2. Homework: Odd Problems Durrett, Chapter 6